Second volume: thoughts

     Dear reader, I am giving you the second volume of “The Messages for the End Times which are upon us”.  From what I see, Lord Jesus was correct when He spoke in the first volume about the reaction of the world and people to these messages. In many circles, they were accepted with joy and they are already the source of conversions.  Unfortunately, the negative response in the form of a decisive attack took place just as quickly.  It began as soon as 48 hours after their presentation at the Niepokalanów Hermitage in Grzechynia.  An unexpected attack came from those closest to me who were also unsympathetic or undecided about us going to Brussels in order to propose a change of the European Union flag.

      God’s actions in the modern world are difficult to  comprehend to many people.  Many desire and even wish that Lord Jesus would not enter into the space of their personal lives and that He would not cross their boundaries. (Mt 8,34).  Some go even further and say that His revelations, intervention and actions ended two thousand years ago.  In this way, they want to close God’s mouth at all costs.

      However, God is active in the world and among us.  He uses man as an instrument of His grace and His work.  A special example of God’s work in the twentieth century is Saint Padre Pio and sister Rita.  These two blessed heros, not only through the gift of words, visions and prophecies, but also through mystical works were a living sign of the influence and revelation of God.  Thanks to God’s intervention, through them, His grace was experienced by Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty, the Primate of Hungary (1892 – 1975) and Pope John Paul II (1920-2005). (Antonio Socci, “Father Pio. The Secret of Life”, p. 171, Henryk Bejda, “The Secret of Salvation, An Unknown Episode of the assassination. Did sister Rita Save the Pope?”)

     In his great pride, the modern man does not want God, does not want to hear his speech, does not allow any of his interventions. That is why, in todays world the prophecy of the prophet Amos resonates very strongly:  I hate, I abhor your holidays.  For when you offer me burnt offerings and your sacrifices, I hate it, and I do not want to look at the sacrifices of fattening oxen. Go away from me with the noise of your fists, I do not want to hear about the sound of your harps. (Am 5, 21-24).  Many priests of Christ’s Church also went this way, putting themselves in the line of the final dissidents.  Therefore, for this rebellion against listening to God and for ceasing to worship Him, they will be paid with God’s curse, which God will cast on them and at the same time curse their blessing.  The Lord God will do or is already doing it, because they do not take it to heart (Mal 2, 1-2).

    The Lord God’s request for this rebellious world is as follows: Recognize your insignificance and dependence, and then you will be able to see My Love.
An arrogant soul will never understand the extent of love that I embrace it with, for it will always look to see whether  My Law, My Words given through the little ones of this world, does not offend it.  You arrogant soul, humble yourself, because the time of this kingdom of self-sufficiency is coming to an end and you will not even notice as you will stand naked and vulnerable in front of your Creator to justify your time on earth.  Pride will not find the words to speak.  I tell this to you, you must start seeing now, because later you will not be able to see and given over to satan’s kingdom, where I will not be able to do anything for you anymore.  Now, I am still calling and asking you to take off the crowns from your heads, for the gate of Heaven is too narrow for those who fail to bow before the Creator to pass through it. (Messages for the End Times, which are upon us. June 26, 2010, volume 5)  Today’s man is not aware of God’s kindness towards those who love him.  He is not a haughty God, but a God of trust and closeness.  He expects from man entrustment, full of confidence and closeness.  Tell My children, let them not treat Me as a stranger,  an imposed God.  This is not to be understood by you, how ready I am  to lean down to a man. (Messages for the End Times, which are upon us, April 11, 2010, v. 4, typescript).

     God, choosing Agnes for His tool, desires to show the world how he loved a person who is weak, helpless and only relying on Him.  Through these messages God wants to show His love to all pagans.  In reference to this, in all the volumes presented, there are enclosed all conversations and descriptions, because God desires to use this way in order to reach to people.   God made, that from His Will Agnes received grace that is not solely hers, but through this grace she became His instrument through which God can show His love to people.  God chose her as an imperfect child to shape her, and at the same time to show the world His Own perfection.  God, leading Agnes in such a way, also leads anyone who wants to hear His Voice in this way.  God in His perfection loves every man with infinite might, and using her as an example shows us His patience, tolerance and inconceivable love. (…)  Because your path is the way of a full conversion, starting from falling in love with God, through sacrifices, sufferings and a complete devotion for My Glory.  I want to show you to the world as my chosen, who by My love I brought out of misery and brought on to the very heights of faith.  My child, as the weakest and the smallest creature, you have been found and sanctified through Me. Now I am your only Lord, and you serve Me with delight, for I have impressed My Holy Will on you and you will serve Me with full dedication.  I want to show to your brethren how very much I love the humble souls, who do not exalt themselves with their intellect, which can see what a vast misery they actually  are next to My Majesty.  Children, I am not saying this to humiliate you, but in order for you to see the truth.  You are nothing with your machines and wise books.  With one act of My Will, all of this will turn to dust.
Do not think that anything except prayer and penance can save you.  Only My infinite Mercy protects you from annihilation, for in spite of your infinite misery, My Beloved Son has been given up and suffered for you, for the love I have loved you with knows no boundaries and the sacrifice which is made for you is interminable.  I love every man. For Me his misery does not go into account, but the love and trust with which he addresses me, the only God. If a man regards me as his King, then I will appear to him as the King of Mercy. But if someone is afraid of My reign, then he will see the righteous King, and then his soul will tremble because no one will be able to hide from My Just punishment (Messages for the End Times, which have just arrived, 17 V 2010, vol. 4 typescript).

Fr. Peter Natanek