January 9, 2010


Yes child.

Would You come to me?

I am with you little one.  I love you.

And I love You very much.  I apologize that whatever I do today is wrong.  What is happening to me again(…)?

Do not cry little child.  Jesus is with you.

Jesus, hug me. Take away the evil spirit that is presently haunting me.

CLING TO MELittle one, I am with you. Cling to me. I know that you are being afflicted by the evil spirit(…)

Is it You Jesus, who is speaking?

Yes little one.  Do you love Me?

I love You as I never loved anybody(…)!

Very well, little one. So, avoid all unnecessary thoughts and activities today. Think only of Me and how much you love Me and we will endure through everything.

I love You and I will always love You.  Out of love, I entrust myself completely to You, Beloved Rabbi of my heart.

Very well little one. Remember, that I’m with you all day and all the time. Although you do not see Me, I am with you and I am supporting you. I love you my little one;  you do not take your eyes off me.

Okay(…) Should I work?

PREPARE EVERYTHING AND LET’S GO TO PRINT ITYes, there is but a little time.  Prepare everything and let’s go to print it.  Everything will be successful.  I love you little one and do not lose faith.

Yes, Master.

Amen little one.  Amen.

Amen, Beloved.


My dear angel?

I am with you.

What should I do? (The Lord Jesus made me prepare a printout for my Confessor priest, but everything was going wrong, one thing after another was messing up, it was unbelievable that fulfilling this simple command seemed impossible. When Lord began to comfort me, I was completely broken down).

You must think of something.

Can I ask Jesus now?

Yes,  you can.



I am here my little one.

(…) Is it vital that I deliver this printout, this Monday?

Yes child, it matters to Me great deal.

Do you want me to find a solution to my problem on my own?

MY SPIRIT IS LEADING YOUYes child. I know it is difficult for you, but it is My Spirit that leads you my little. Do as you feel that is right, agreed?

Yes. I love you, My Sweetest Master. I adore You, The Sweetness of my heart. I love You madly and I am all Yours.

Very well, little one. I’ll talk to you tonight.

During pilgrimage?

Yes(…) Your God loves you.

And I adore You.

Amen, little child.  Return to your obligations.

During the Holy Mass, I fixed my eyes on the image of the Holy Trinity at the main altar. God the Father in this picture seemed so beautiful and real that I could not stop looking at Him, and the love for Him grew so much in me that I did not know what to do, to that extend this feeling permeated me. I could also feel Him, His Love, with which he looked at me and said: Daughter … At one point, I felt Him lifting me towards Himself. I was as a small child. He was lifting me towards Himself this way several times. I was fulfilled with such a happiness that I was in tears, so I bowed my head low in order not to attract any attention from other people.

At another moment, God the Father stroked my cheek. His hand was warm and as large as all of my head. It is impossible to describe the security and happiness that comes while feeling Him as a Father. He is such beloved as there are none, even the most loving “you” persons in the world. I looked at the picture and noticed shining rays of brightness around the Holy Spirit. Then, during the blessing, I knelt down and felt God the Father, standing in front of me and holding His Holy Hand on my head.

Through the entire pilgrimage (Night, walking pilgrimage to Niepokalanow), friends and strangers approached me. Everyone wanted to give me something. It was so intense and evident, that I felt as if I had an inscription on my forehead. And Jesus said to me: See how I love you?

THE LORD IS PRESENT IN HIS IMAGESAt some point, someone put a small statue of the Baby Jesus into my hands. Because the Lord was already preparing me for this, showing that He is present in His images, and when venerated in them, he comes alive, I hugged the Baby  Jesus, and He seemed to look back at me with  Lively Eyes.

Unfortunately, the figure was for everyone and I had to pass it along. Soon afterwards, however, it was  returned to me, and at the last stage of the pilgrimage I got to carry it. During that time, there was terrible freezing and windy weather. I wrapped the Child in a shawl and pressed it under my coat close to my bosom. When it was windy, I hugged it and protected it with my arm even more. All the time I was watching whether He could breathe and whether He was comfortable there. Although I knew that some folks would look at me as if I was deranged, I felt that I was not carrying a doll, but a small, defenseless Jesus.

When I bent over to kiss Him, I heard His quiet, soft breathing. For a moment He made a louder sound , but did not cry. He was breathing quietly and evenly, and when I heard it, I was so moved and touched … Here I am carrying God in my unworthy hands. When I leaned again to kiss Him, I saw and felt His little Hand touching my face in the same way infants do. The Infant Jesus was  touching my face in the same manner during the Holy Mass before Host Elevation. And then I came to notice that His Tiny Hands have red Wounds, in the same place where the Hands of Christ were pierced. Wounds were also visible on the Child’s feet. It was a terribly painful sight.

I said: Lord, but it is only a Child. And Jesus responded: Yes, but it was in My Infancy when I agreed to undergo My Sorrowful Passion.



Yes child. I am here and I am waiting for you. Later on, you will jot down everything. I’ll help you. Do not be afraid that you will forget. I will give you My Spirit.

Beloved, let it be so. Everything the way You wish it.

I, GOD, AM SO LONELY IN THIS WORLDVery well, my little one. Finally, we can talk. I liked it when you caressed Me as an Infant. How much you loved me. I, God, am so Lonely in this world. So few people love Me like you do. And I am the most worthy of this love. Why don’t all of you believe?

Beloved, Holy Rabbi. People are so lost, that they are not even aware that such Love exists, that everyone is really searching for You and not for the ideal relationships. The perfect relationship can only be with You and through You, True Love.

WITHOUT GOD, NOTHING IS HOLYYes it’s true. They strayed away. Nothing without Me is holy and they will not be able to build anything because love without God does not exist.  What is left is vain desire to posses someone’s acceptance and to possess another human being. However;  this is not love and it has nothing to do with Me.

The sweetest Master, it is You who sanctifies the marriages so that spouses become the source of peace and fulfillment for one another.

THE TRAGEDY OF PRESENT-DAY MARRIAGIESYes it is I, however your marriages that are not blessed by Me are just the same as pagan relationships and do not receive graces, in the same state are also many others who are married in My Name, but in reality without Me. Why do you come to take vows in front of Me, if you do not have God in your hearts? What do you need Me for? I will not bless you if you do not believe in Me and you approach the Sacraments with sacrilege. Your fraudulent deceptions are so painful to Me. Is it Your God that you want to deceive? Children!?  Do you want to build your happiness on My pain? Your “vows” offend Me.  What do you base your vows on if you do not know Me? Who am I for you?

Lord, no one taught them faith. Sanctify Your priests, so they can open their hearts when they educate them.

SACRAMENT OF PRIESTHOOD IS DEPRAVEDMy little one, the sacrament of Priesthood is as much depraved as the sacrament of  Marriage.


Yes child. This means that My Law is not respected in these Sacraments. What are the Sacraments without God? The essence of the Sacraments is My real presence in them.  And I am not needed in them  anymore. I am not needed in my churches, convents …

Beloved Rabbi, I love You. We need you in our hearts, in our lives!

Yes little one, you and a few others like you. But who will bring the rest of my children to Me? Who will take care of them?

Let me bring them to You through Your  messages full of graces. Master, I already want to share You with my brothers.

I know my little one. Do not keep anything for yourself. The more you give out, the more I’ll give you. I will not leave an empty spot in your heart. I will constantly refill it afresh, and you share Myself with everyone. I am the Light for each soul.

Sweetest Jesus, I will try to give out even more. Do you have in mind that I wanted to cuddle you as an Infant God myself, and I gave too little of this grace to others?

BE HELPLESS IN MY ARMS, AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUNo little one. As an Infant , I wanted to be with you and you know that. I felt so good with you. Did you notice? I did not cry at all, I just cuddled to you. And you? Would you be able to trust Me in such a way and give yourself into My Hands? Look, you are a weak and unreliable being, and I – I was so vulnerable I gave myself to you. I trusted you. And yet how much more I should be trusted? I am Perfection. Reliable and Invincible God. Be defenseless in My Arms, and I will look after you. Did you feel how great love was in you for Me so helpless and surrendered to you? And I want to feel you that way. So tiny and cuddled into Me, not crying.

Beloved God. I understand that. I make You feel touched when I give myself to You endlessly. I am defenseless, and  totally dependent on You.

Yes child. In that way I love you the most. Give yourself to the Father, who loves you little one.

GENEROSITY OF GOD THE FATHERI am Yours Heavenly Father.  It is in you, that  lies my happiness and my life.
Yes, little one. Father has everything for you; therefore wait patiently and you will see greater miracles. I am waiting for your total surrender.

My Father, don’t I give myself completely to you? What else should I do?

Trust Me even more. I will not hurt you. Why did you feel threatened? I will not allow you to be possessed. Don’t you know child that I will give you the sufferings that you can bear for me? I will not allow you to be hurt and insulted. You are My temple. (Jesus is calming me down because I heard about the Annelise Michel’s case. She agreed to suffer for the priests and German youth, and this suffering was the possession. I am very weak and cowardly by nature, so I was terrified. Jesus asked me on December 31st during the Holy Mass  on (Jasna Góra) Bright Mountain, do I want to suffer for priests? I agreed.)

My Holy Jesus, it scared me because it’s so horrific. For everyone, and for someone who loves You … it makes me so terrified because I do not understand it, but certainly I do not have to?

I WANT TO HAVE YOU WITH ME ON MY GOLGOTHANo, I will explain it to you child. Little one, I’ll tell you again. Do not be afraid My temple. I will not allow for disgrace to take place in you. I will not allow abjection in you.  You are My beloved daughter and this is not what I need you for. My pleasure is to live in you, and there will be other distresses. You do not have to worry about it child because I am protecting you and I will not allow  such things within you.  Your God is telling you this. Listen to the Father and do not worry. Would I be able to bear the separation from you? Was this why I waited so long for you, so that we could be apart now? No child. You are attached to Me.  The penance that I have will be different.  You will carry My weights. I want to have you with Me at My Golgotha. Under the cross and on the cross, (…) Don’t I know what you are good for? 

WAVE MY BANNERWe will work together. You who are My banner wave and call My children, because I send you among them, and you, inflamed with my love, will infect with it new souls.

I ALWAYS LOVE MY CHILDRENLet them see how I have beloved you and how I could belove each one of them when they will give themselves to Me. It does not mean that I do not love them now when they are far from Me. I always love My children, but it means that I have the springs of graces for them as well. Will I only take you in My arms? No children.  This depends on you. I have My Arms stretched wide opened for you all.

I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOUMy children … do you want to be pampered like she is, My little Agnes?  Following her example come to me. Extend  your hands to the Father. Will I not love you and not coddle you? Do I love her more than you? No children. I love each and every one of you with the same, infinite love. I cannot show the same, this love to everyone, because you children are too far away from Me. You do not see how I love you and do not hear My Voice. I would coddle you as well, but you would not be able to accept this Love. Purify yourselves children, and I will transform you and re-make you in My image.

THE SECRET OF SINI will heal you and tear down the barriers of sin between us. Where there is no sin, I am there. It does not mean that you will not sin at all. I know that you are weak. But you renounce sin forever, and My Spirit will sanctify you and prepare you as a dwelling for Me. And when you receive Me, I will disgust sin itself to you, because I am so Sweet that you will no longer desire to draw from the earthly wells, but only from My Divine ones.

Beloved Savior, I thank You humbly for Your graces for me and for all who read these messages. I love You and bless You and I apologize for fear.

TEMPTATIONSDo not be afraid anymore. She (Anneliese Michel) was a penitential soul and her suffering was terrible. Why such a penance has fallen on her, it is a long story and you do not need to know it, but only know that such sufferings will not come to you, because I beloved you so much My little child, that I will not allow the enemy to insult or torment you. Your suffering is listening to his interjections, but he will not torment you physically 

Thank You, Beloved Master. Let me take shelter in Your Holy Arms so that I will not be afraid anymore. I give my soul and body to You, Jesus. I am Yours forever and each hair on my head belongs to You, Beloved.

THE NEED OF FAITHMy little one, I like your faith. What I say, you believe it right away. This is how it should be all the time. Give yourself to Me. I love you so much little one.  Don’t I know how easily you are frightened? Don’t you see how My angels protect you? And, even I Myself often come to watch over you, because I have loved you so much that I protect you in My Arms, as you yesterday protected Me from the cold.

ONLY GOD MAKES MAN HAPPYI love you child, and you also love Me. Are we not the happiest ones? What does a man need more than just to feel Me? My children, these are just illusions that you need all those things that satan is offering. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled. Man will only be happy with that, what I God am giving to him. I created you that way because that is My Will, to make all of you happy. Is not that so My little Agnes? Were you ever so happy and so loved without Me?

Master, I’ve dreamed about You all my life, and even though I knew that there were no ideals among people, I was too blinded to see Your Love and to think that You are the only One destined for me, that only with You I will be  happy. You are the fulfillment of all my dreams about love. My imaginings are nothing when compared with what You the Beloved give to those who long for You.

GOD FELL IN LOVE WITH MANKINDMy little one. Also, I beloved you very much. God fell in love with  mankind. Didn’t I die for you? I know you do not understand it. I did not die for all people at once. I was dying for each of you separately. I had each one of you before My eyes and I had to accept death for each single human being individually. In front of my eyes, I had all of your faces,  children. I have not died for all unknown people. I died for you, Agnes.

REDEMPTIVE LOVEMy Father asked Me, if  I am willing to die for you and I accepted this judgment without any hesitation. And now, children, read this last sentence, but instead of the name of Agnes, put in your own and you will understand that I love each one of you individually and for each of you I have gone through the whole Passion. There are pure souls that did not torture me as much as others, the ungrateful ones.

THE GIFT OF CONFESSIONALBut children, you are all sinners and I pour out My Bloody Tears for each one of you, so do not think that it was them, the torturers who scourged Me  two thousand years ago. No children, you  are the ones that torture Me every day since then. How much more I have to suffer before you return to Me? I know, children, that these are difficult things for you to understand. I created you in the way so  you would believe Me. What would it change if you understood everything? Where would be the place for a faith? Believe in My Love for you and hear My call. Everything that I have for you is good and if it had happened that you were saved from death, illness or accident, it is I who saved you Myself. I carry you in my arms and rock you to sleep when you cry. I am so Merciful, so reconsider children, how are you repaying Me for this Love and do not hesitate to reconcile with Me in the confessional.

PRIEST – SECOND CHRISTChildren, it is not the priest who sits there. It is I, through My servant, who is talking with you. Do not think about the priest and his imperfections, because I will  settle it with him.  Think only about yourselves and Me, because when you kneel in front of the confessional and want sincerely to connect with Me, only the two of us are there .

My spirit speaks through the priest and what he says, I am Myself saying to you. And what you say to him – you say to Me, and what he will forgive you – I forgive you in Heaven and I do not remember anymore. For Me, you are clean and new. I want to live in you and spend every moment with you because you are My beloved children. If that happened that a priest has treated you badly, know that it was not I, but Satan impersonating Me. I am Love and even if I punish, I do it with Love, and My Wrath will not be known to those who will humble themselves and regret their sinful lives. Do penance for sins, because here on earth it is much easier than after death. After death, you are only at My grace, because you cannot help yourself. Now you can help yourself and atone for with a lightweight penance in comparison with what it will be waiting for you in purgatory. Ask me for forgiveness and for penance and I will give it to you. I will lead you straight to My Kingdom, where your souls will rest in happiness among other souls just as happy as yours. Heavenly happiness is as unimaginable for you as the infinity of the universe My children, but I tell you that you will achieve this happiness if you have faith.

BEG FOR GRACE OF FAITHTherefore ask Heavenly Father for true faith, and you will receive it, for now, I have the last graces for the world. Now, I give away these graces. Therefore ask Me that I would also part My blessing to you. I am Jesus, the Son of the One God. The one who believes in me will not die, but will live forever. Amen.

Thank You Beloved Master for this wonderful message. You explain everything to us, Powerful, Infinite King of the World. Incomprehensible is the Humility and Love of the Son of God, who cares so much for every lost soul.

My little one, you already understand a little bit of My Power, but I will reveal more to you, because I love you little One. Amen.

I love You and adore You my Holy, Almighty and Invincible God.

Depart in peace child. The message is finished.

Thanks be to God.


Holy Lady?

I am listening to you child.

I am sorry that I am so slow with my work on the pilgrimage and maybe You are not happy with me, but I want to pull myself together to do the job, perhaps if You just give me a week, I’ll prepare everything, okay?

Yes child. You have a week. Later on you will have other duties, so you must hurry up. Mother is not angry with you. I know that you have worked hard for my Son, but now we will work together for Him through My pilgrimage.

Yes, Dear Mother. I’m ready, I just wanted to ask You for directions.

Very well My child.  What do you want to ask for?

Should I go to my parents tomorrow after meeting with my confessor?

Yes child.  Go and take care of everything one by one.

Is it better to go to Wykrot and Kadzidło on Thursday or Wednesday?

On Wednesday it will be more successful.

Also, to father X?

Yes, go to him also.

Thank you, Holy Virgin. Should I know anything else?

No child.  Just work for Me.

Dear Mommy, will you help me make a website for you?

Yes, My little one. Your mother will help you, and let your parents support you at every step. I will let you know what should be written there. I like the design of the website. X would write it well, but he does not want to serve God.

I know, Mother, but it will change soon, because Jesus promised, but I also know, the You cannot wait.

Yes. It is true. The heart of God is hurting because X was granted with a lot of graces and he will be saved because your intercessory prayer is pleasing to God. He, however, disappointed His Heavenly Father.

I know Holy Mommy. Brake him. Let him recompense to the Father with a great zeal.


Satan is mad because he knows he will lose him soon.

Is it You Mother of God who is speaking?

Yes child. I was pleased with your nightly sacrifice.

I thank you, Dear Holy Virgin. I love You. Save him.

I will save him. God’s Mother always helps if she has something to use to sooth God, and you gave Me yesterday your sacrificial offering.

We thank You, Most Holy Mommy. Thank You for allowing me yesterday, to bring to You, Your Beloved Son.

Yes, My little one. The Lord has given you benevolence. You are pleasing to Him more and more.

Thank You.  My Lord and My God.

Very well My child.  Depart now, because we have a lot of work and you did not pray yet.

Yes.  I thank You My Holy Mother.  I love You and I kiss You if I may.

You may.  Do not think that I am an unapproachable Mother.  You know yourself, that I do not allow people in the state of heavy sin to touch me, but you My little do not belong to them since a long time.  I love you and I embrace you in My Arms, my little chosen one.

Thank You, My Loving Mother.

Go in the peace of the Lord.  Amen.