January 18, 2010


Yes My little one, I am waiting and waiting for you.

Dear Jesus, I thought it would be better to talk when  everything would quiet down.

OBEDIENCE TO GODNo, it’s better to talk when I want to, and you do listen, if  I by any chance am not calling you.

Well I just did not hear and I did not feel this time. Forgive me Rabbi. Perhaps you would prefer a constant time that you would never have to wait?

No child, I want you to listen to Me and hear Me when I call you.

Jesus, is it You?

Yes, little one, I’m not angry with you. But I do need you to focus, and you still have too many things in your head that compete with Me.

I am sorry My Master. Now I will quiet down myself, indeed so many things, and for me it’s all so new and my chaos does not help, but I want to improve.

Very well. I will tell you about the cross. The cross that you see in the church, it is the Dominican cross.

Why are you showing it to me?

REMBER ABOUT MY PASSIONI want you to always remember My Passion. (…)

Yes Master, I desire this.

Well then. I will be asking you, because you do not realize yet what is happening in your life, but you trust in me and you desire Me, My child. This is what I need the most from you. You will still, for a certain period of time not  know what is going on, because I need to strengthen your faith, and when you will be strengthened, I will reveal Myself sufficiently to you.

Dear Jesus, I have the impression that everything that is happening to me is so incomprehensible, therefore I try to do what You need from me on a given day and bring You joy, but thinking about it all in a large scale is beyond me. Lord, I need Your Light.

GOD KNOWS THE BESTMy little one, I know better what you need, do not forget that I am God All-Knowing.

Yes Lord, You know everything. (…) My Lord, you seem different to me today?

And you? Are you not tormented with doubts today?

Yes, Jesus, they come to my mind al the time, but I reject them, Rabbi.

STUBBORNESS OF SATANI know. You are doing well, for the evil spirit will not rest until they take you away from me.

Lord, doesn’t he know that You have tied me to Yourself?

SATAN DOES NOT KNOW EVERYTHINGNo child, it is hidden from him. This one is blind and deaf.

Thank you, Dear Master. Would You like  me to come back later?

Yes, come back to Me and do not drink coffee. (I am  fasting on bread and water for priests today, but I  wanted to drink coffee so badly, I put grounded coffee into a glass, but I decided to postpone to add water for a little longer).

Okay, my Lord, I will not have it (…)



Yes, I am here little one.

GOD’S GUIDANCEMaster, today I have a lot to apologize for, a lot and I am very sorry.

Okay then. It got to you. I will not always tell you that you are doing something wrong. You have to know it yourself. That would be unfair to others. You have your angels, let them tell you.

Jesus, was it You speaking?

Yes child, I mean, if I told you every time that you were doing something wrong, there would be no place for merit, and I want your merits for Myself.

Beloved Father, I love You.

FATHER AND I, WE ARE ONEYes, little one. We are One. God is One in the One Trinity. Speaking to Me, you give Glory to the Father. Do not think that you neglect Him by loving Me. God the Father is in Me, and I am in Him. I am one with My Father and the Holy Spirit.

But Jesus, can you explain to me why then God the Father says sometimes that He is the least worshiped One?

GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER  When a man worships Me without awareness of giving Glory to the Father, He does not receive Glory due to Him. My Father, the Creator whom I belove above all, gave Me power and authority to sit on His Throne. We are One, but My Father is forgotten. You cry out to Him too little. He, full of Glory, is very Gracious and through My Name, you can obtain a lot, but who is calling to the Father “Our Father” thinking of Him as the Father? This is what the Father expects.

Jesus, I still do not understand.

I know child. At the moment you will not understand it, however, I will slowly reveal my secrets to you.

I love You and I love God the Father and I love the Holy Spirit, but each of  one of these loves is a little different from the other.

THE UNITY OF THE HOLY TRINITYI know child. You are able to love in a human way, assigning roles.  For you, different role has The Father , another The Son and still another The Holy Spirit, but we are One so you may  love us all the same.

Jesus, this is incomprehensible, I am not able to understand it yet. I am explaining  everything to myself the way I am able to.

I know little one, My Father even likes this logic of yours.

Jesus, really?

Yes, you are using words that no one else is using towards God.

But is it good Lord?

Yes child. Speak from the heart, and what kind of heart you have, your words will be like that.

I love you, you know it.  Today, I was thinking that I am losing people that are close to me because of You, but I care so much about You that I somehow endure it and I could not do it otherwise. Because with You it is wonderful, and I always hold hope that they at some point will be close to me. But, if I could be with them as close as it used to be, and with You further, I would despair. That would be a nightmare. I could not bear it, this emptiness.

Yes, My little one. You understand that it is worth to suffer for Me and that not even one suffering that is shared with me is hopeless because I am a Hope.

Yes Master.  You are my air.

Little child, I’m a lot more than that.

Yes Lord, I know. It’s just that I can not live without You.

My little one and I too attached myself to you. Your chirping like a bird is dear to Me.

My Beloved God … I just sigh …

Okay, do you still have the strength to write?

I have plenty for You, Master!

Beloved child, write then. For priest X:

MY SON, DO NOT STOP IN THE BATTLEMy son, do not subside in battle. I am pleased with your deeds and your burning heart. I, God, support and protect you. This little handmaiden will serve you with My voice. I will speak to you through this child, and you do listen to My Voice, with which I support you in your service. You are My chosen to preach about My Kingdom. Do not collapse on the road, many adversities are awaiting you, but I, My son am with you constantly. You were given an abundance of My gifts to proclaim My Glory. Now go and teach, because for this reason I have sent you, My faithful priest. I have few servants so faithful and open to My call. I opened your mind to see through the plan of evil and prepare the way for Me. And now, go and teach. It is I, Jesus Christ saying this, your Beloved God, who will never abandon you. Amen.

Okay, My child, now go to him.

Most Dearest Lord, this week?

Yes, this week, it may be on Friday. I expect this from you.

And should I only show him only this message for him?

Yes, he is waiting for My sign and you will be that sign for him.

I love You God, you are Wonderful.

Yes, little one, I’m Wonderful for children that  are loving Me.

COMING OF THE KINGYou are so great even for those who do not love You.

I still am child, but not for long.

Dear God, will You answer me?

Yes, go and show him that what I dictated for him.

And also what you had said about him before?

Yes child.

That he is the voice in the desert?

Yes, repeat this to him as well (…)

Beloved Jesus, should I  tell him (…)?

No, let him trust in Me.

Will he understand everything or do you want me to give him explaination?

No. No. If he will have a question, you will ask Me for him.

Very well Rabbi. I love working for You.

I know, My little one, it is nice to have a servant so willing to work for Me. I love you, little child. Your God is embracing you in His Arms.

Jesus, why do I have today so many doubting thoughts. I do not want them, I renounce them, I trust You blindly and that’s the end!

My child, you are being attacked. (…)

Well, God, what was I thinking.

Do not be afraid child, you have God as your Father.

I AM HIDING IN YOUR BEARDMy Beloved Father, I’m hiding in Your Beard. (Often, in difficult times, I imagine that I hug myself to God the Father, in fact a very childish way of looking for protection, but in the presence of the Gigantic Father, each of us is a small child, in my mind I am very small, like God’s Finger and I have my special place on His Chest, I’m hiding under His holy Beard and nothing,  absolutely nothing is terrifying to me then).

Come, child. You see how you make your God laugh … (Jesus laughed).

You’re laughing, aren’t  You, Rabbuni?

You see it yourself.

I see You Lord, but it is in spirit, I feel You more in spirit.

You’ll see, wait patiently. I will show you Myself because you have beloved Me.

I beloved You up to the point of madness. Only You alone are enough for me.

I’m glad to hear it. And your family?

I need them so I could to tell them about You. You see Yourself, You are in the first place.

Yes child, this approach will lift  you to Me, little one.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes, it is  I, do not be afraid. I speak in different ways.

Dear God, are all Your messages from the last two days and the last one true?

Yes child, everything I told you is true.

Lord, will You pour on me those great GRACES?

Yes child, give me yourself and I will clothe you in My Glory.

My Sweetest Savior, you know that I’m unworthy of this.

I know, but I especially beloved you child and I will endow you with My gifts. Don’t you feel how I beloved you?

I feel Beloved Rabbi. You spoil me.

Yes, I love you beyond measure My child. Do you want to suffer for Me?

Yes, Jesus. I trust in You and I love You.

Well then. It will be given to you.

I entrust myself to You my Beloved Father.

My little daughter, do not be afraid. I know what I told you and you will not be harmed. Be humble in offering yourself to Me and do not be afraid of anything, because I know best what I have made you capable of.

God, let Your Will be done. I know nothing, but I trust in You My Most High.

That’s good, My little one. Do you still want to ask something?

Were these ugly birds natural?

No child, it was especially sent to you for intimidation, so that you would feel anxiety at night.

Oh, once or twice I let myself be caught. I’m sorry, Lord.

My child, trust in Me infinitely. I said, that nothing will happen to you and I will keep My promise, so you can sleep peacefully, because you child, have My seal on you.

Thank you, Beloved Rabbi, and do You still want me to choose some fragments of messages for priest X?

No child, not yet. Do not be afraid. Go to him, I will protect you.

Very well My Good Rabbi. Everything You say. (…)

I will hide you and you must trust Me.

Yes Master.

Good, lay down, you had enough sensations for today. Amen