January 17, 2010

Jesus, Son of God?

I am here, child.

Oh Beloved, Sweetest Savior. I miss You enormously, I love You. Only You, I love, all others only through You and in You. My Salvation, Your Kingdom, come!

My little Agnes, how much the heart of God rejoices when It is accepted with such love.

Beloved of my heart, rule over me, lead me, do whatever You want with me. I am Yours and I belong to You forever. Jesus, I am giving to You my soul and all that I have.

My little child, You are My consolation.

I miss You Beloved Jesus, as You told me. I just want to be with You all the time.

DO YOU WANT TO SUFFER FOR MY PRIESTS?(…) Good. Child do not be afraid. I do not recall my earlier words. You will suffer in the way I will appoint to  you. Your sacrifice is pleasing to me. I expected it. Didn’t I ask you, if you want to suffer for My priests?

You had asked Beloved God in Częstochowa.

Yes child, and you agreed, so now I will give you sufferings, which you will be happy to bear and the graces from your suffering will flow for (…)

Jesus, I am yours and do whatever you want with me.

I am pleased with your devotion child, I will use you.

(…) Very well Master, everything You wish.

My child, it’s nice to hear you so delighted, but I only need you for Myself.

Lord, I’m just here to make a website.

I NEED YOU IN MY CHURCHESI know a child, but tomorrow go back because I need you in My churches.

Okay Lord, tomorrow I will go back.

I’m waiting for you at home. We will be together and I will say a lot for yourself. You will work with him, because I am speaking through him and he has a grace from Me to proclaim the truth about My coming, and you will be  blessing him and giving him messages that are for him. Do you want this Agnes?

Lord, Your Will is my will. Beloved Rabbi, I gave You myself and my only desire is to fulfill Your Will. I want to be Yours to the center of the bone.

Little child, you do not realize yet what you are saying, but your love for Me is great. I will strengthen you and you will serve Me faithfully. My Father is pleased with Your love and devotion. I will work through you and you will faithfully fulfill My tasks.

Yes, Father, Your Power is Infinite. Do what You want with me. Lord, are my words not true to You?

No child. I know that they are flowing from the heart devoted to Me. But you are still so weak that you can do nothing without My support.

Master, I know that. After all, I am saying this only knowing that You will give me graces to fulfill Your Will. Everything what You ask of me.

SATANS WILL ATTACK YOUDo not be afraid. I’m protecting you, My little soul. You are not in danger, but the devils will attack you. Give yourself to me and do not fear anything, because I will not allow you or him to be hurt. You will serve Me until I come and take you to Myself.

Really, Lord, will You give us such a most wonderful grace?

I NEED YOU BOTH ALIVELittle child, I need you both living. Should I gift you and then loose you? You both have received gifts, and now bring Me abundant fruit. He will not be happy with this task, because he would have preferred to devote himself to prayer, but his gifts are not for a  contemplative life. He is to be My voice in the wilderness and you, child, will serve him with My help.

Yes Master. I love You. I love to serve You the way You wish.

WAIT FOR MY CALLINGVery well, my little one. Now finish the work of My Mother and be ready, because when I call you to action, you will go where I tell you and will teach through our messages.

What does it mean, Master?

THERE ARE GREAT PLOTS AGAINST HIMYou will see. I will lead you. You will not be in public, do not be afraid of it. You are to be support, because there are great plots against him. However, thanks to your prayer, I will have pity on these people and preserve this shepherd for them, because great are My works through him. He will prepare the way for Me.

Dearest Jesus, your coming is near!

MY KINGDOM IS CLOSEVery near, My Kingdom is close. Repent.

I am waiting for You Lord, make use of me, that all of us will be waiting for You on our knees and singing for You glorious songs.

My child, your requests are big. What I should do with you …

ENABLE US TO FALL ON OUR KNEES IN FRONT OF YOU AS THE ENTIRE NATIONBeloved Merciful Savior, have You not come to this world to save us all and take us to Your Kingdom? Make us able to know You through Your works and kneel before You, the entire nation.

My little one, a few more souls like yours and I will save Poland.

HAVE MERCY ON US SON OF GODJesus, give us the graces to belove You. There are so many of us here,  devoted to You, only weak and incapable. You have the power to open our eyes and ears. Have mercy on us, Son of God, and let Your Holy Passion change the face of this earth, and may Your Innocent Holy Blood wash our Polish hearts so that we may see.

YOU ARE DESECRATING ME IN YOUR TEMPLESMy dear child, you ask for much. Your Father has many graces, but more children must pray so fervently. (…) I have given many graces to your nation, My mother is interceding a lot for you, but you have abandoned Me and have been desecrating Me in your temples. 

PRAYER FOR POLANDI know, Lord, we did not deserve the grace that I am asking for, but I can only beg for it day and night, because now you have a heart twice as soft. 

Yes, My little one. You know the Heart of God. Child, you understand how great is My Mercy over you. What should I do with you? Pray still more, and My Heart will soften to the end.

My Savior, my Holy, You are so Good …, You are so Perfect … I fall on my face infinitely unworthy of Your graces.

YOU MUST BE MORE SACRIFICIAL AND SUFFER FOR POLANDAsk me, little one, your begging is pleasing to Me and your faith in My Mercy over people. (…) but pray a lot, because you are only few, however if I find My righteous people, I will spare all of you for this faithful handful of people … Since I have only few of  you, you must do reparation for your people. You must be more sacrificial and suffer for Poland.

Thank You Father.



Beloved Jesus, I miss You.  I adore You.

My little one, come to Me.

I want to be with You. Unite me with You. Without You I do not exist. Without You I’m dead. Unite me with Yourself because I myself  do not exist. I love You so much.

LIFE ON THE EARTH IS A TORMENTMy little one. You speak well, you live in Me, you breathe in Me, and I will make that you will desire Me even more, until life here becomes a torment for you. Do you want it?

Jesus, I want this, if only it will give more Glory to You and repay for souls who do not love You.

LOVE ME FOR ALL OF THEMYes, My little one, you have understood My work within You. Love me for all of them and for each one of them separately, the same as I have died for them, each one of them  separately, so you, for each and every one of them separately adore and love Me. Do you realize what an enormity of  Love for Me I will pour into your heart?

Master, I desire it.

Do you want to love Me more?

Yes, I love You madly, but it’s not enough. You are worthy of infinite and incomprehensible love, that only  the Holy Spirit can pour into the heart of man, if only it will not break.

YOU WILL ENDURE THE ANGUISH OF SEPARATION WITH MEIt will not break My little one. You will endure the anguish of separation from Me.

Beloved Master, we are bound, you will not leave me.

Yes little one, you know it, however it will be tormenting you to wait for Me, not being able to fully unite with Me in this world.

LONGING FOR THE LORDI will wait Beloved. It is worth waiting, if I will suffer for the love of You, it is the most beautiful suffering. If it will be longing, I want it. Every suffering in which I feel You at the same time is a delight. I desire, I hunger for You My Sweetest God. 

My Beloved, my beloved little faithful heart, come to Your Lord, let me wrap  My arms around you, little child, you are pleasing to God so very much. Little one, I gave you this love, I gifted you, because your love is very pleasing to Me, it is a balm for My wounded Body. Do you adore Me, child?

Savior of the world, I love each and every one of Your Holy Wounds.  God, I love every torn piece of Your Holiness, every millimeter of Your tormented humanity. You are the Excellence and Love.

LET ME REST IN YOUChild, you love Me so much… Let Me rest in you … let Me hide Myself from My persecutors. Do you want to love me more intensely, little one?

I want it Master, I want this Most Holy Rabbi.

You’ll receive, My little spec. Love for Me will fill your whole body and your whole mind. Your soul will be soaked through with Me, Your Beloved Master. Do you want to feel me?

Yes God, I do not want anything else.

Come to Me, My spouse, I want to unite with you.

I felt immersed in a different, denser air and I was in the holy space, as if in God.  I was so overwhelmed that it was difficult for me to breathe. I felt His Arms embracing me, in which He closed me in. On the right side, behind my shoulder, I saw His beautiful face, leaning towards me. He smiled. I felt like he took me in his arms and hugged me. I cuddled up to him and I was as a small child, and He was a Beautiful Giant. I laid my head on His chest. Then he held me in His Hands, just like the infants are being held. Completely defenseless, I was immersed in Him.

Oh Jesus, the Most Holy One … I can only sigh in awe.

Jesus was sitting next to me on my right side on the bed. I am so small compare to Him. He is Perfect and Beautiful. He embraced me with his left hand and pressed me to Himself, he kissed my forehead, and I could only cry and laugh out of happiness, I was not able to say anything, then He said: Do you believe in me? Do you believe that I am here hugging you? And I said that I believe, and because of my feeble faith, I really see Him only spiritually.

Jesus, have I correctly described the grace you gave me?

Yes child, I hugged you and you were hidden in Me. Do you remember how save you have felt? You did not write about it.

Yes Lord, I had felt so safe … I was in You. There is no safer and happier place for man than God. Lord, no one will understand what I wrote.

Yes, it is difficult to describe. You were in My Holy Self.

God, I adore You, I love You. When a man touches God, the rest of the reality is a miserable backdrop. It is pathetic and laughable. I would like You to touch people, let them feel You, and then they would love You forever.

HERE I COME IN MY GLORYMy child, many will see Me, many will hear Me and many will feel Me. Behold, I come in My Glory as the Holy Lamb, Glorified. Who will come to meet me?

I’m coming, Master, I am collecting whoever I can. Give me graces and the Light of the Holy Spirit so that I can help You to open Your children’s eyes.

Little child, I’ll use you, do you want it?

Yes Master. Use me. For this reason I came to this world.

Very well, my little devoted servant. Do you love Your Master?

Beloved Holy God, I love You enormously. You are my life, You have asked me three times today as You had once asked Peter. Will I let You down, Lord? Will I deny You? Beloved, do not allow it.

No child, do not be afraid. You will remain faithful to Me, but it is pleasing to me how you place all hope in Me. You know that you are nothing, and you are just like a flag on the wind, and only by My grace you remain loyal to Me.

Yes Lord, I am aware of my weakness.

Well, my child, I want to give you a great grace. Was I not asking Peter before I   gave him a great task? He has become a pillar of My testament for you children, before I come back to you. Now I want to lay My sacrifice on you, little one.

LORD, HERE I AMJesus, here I am Your servant, ready to live for You and accept Your every sentence.

DO NOT BE AFRAIDChild, you have trusted me, that’s good. Do not be afraid. I know what I have made you capable of, and if you feel fear, it means that you have no grace for this or that work. I have given you graces to carry My Cross, to belove Me above all else. You will endure my sufferings because I have loved you so much that I will give you  a special grace. I’ve been preparing you for this for a long time. (…) My little. That’s the answer I was expecting from you. Surrender to  My Power, servant of God (…) because you beloved Me so much that you are giving yourself to me in your entirety and I need your suffering for the salvation of many and for the strengthening of My works in you. Do you give yourself completely to me?

Yes Lord, i am Yours My Jesus Christ, Infinite King of the Universe.

Good, my child. Therefore, exercise My Will and feel Me constantly (…) This will be the source of your suffering which you will happily bear for Me.

Yes, Jesus, I am Your servant and Your Will is the fulfillment of My most secret desires.

Child, you please Me. I love you, and my Father found in you a particular fondness. Behold, you will serve Me steadfastly and you will receive My Spirit  to be able to bear the Passion that  I will impose on you. Amen.

Jesus, Beloved Rabbi, let me rest in You forever. Let Your Holy Will be fulfilled in me and all your creation.

I love you child.  Now, rest (…)

I love You and I am awaiting You, Lord.

Very well, My little sacrifice. Depart in peace. I, God the Father, Son of God and Holy Spirit, bless you and mark you for My Glory. Amen.

I adore You, Holy Trinity.  Amen

POWER OF PRAYERFor a few days I have been watching the strange phenomenon in front of the projects that I am living in. There on a few pines growing between the apartment buildings are gathered together several hundred crows and rooks. There are so many of them that it is hard to believe it and they are screaming so loud  that when we pray , mother and I , they are drowning us out. Today, in the evening, we have prayed a special novena to Saint Michael the Archangel. Then the birds quieted down and moved away.