January 16, 2010

When we prayed at the place of apparitions in Wykrot, the Mother of God appeared before us, larger than normal and blessed us, one by one putting Her hands on our heads.

After returning, I tried to talk to Lord Jesus, but the conversation strangely stretched and seemed like “a struggle” – now I say so, because I know now that it was not the Lord Jesus who spoke to me and that’s why I was so tired, but then at the same time I felt weird and also guilty that I perceived it this way. During the conversation something broke down in my computer, so that I could not continue. I left it all and decided to wait, because I did not know what was going on and suspected that I had been deceived.


Jesus Christ?

I am here, child.

Lord, I do not know what to do. Help me. Is it you, Savior, who is talking to me now?

Yes, child.

What I wrote a moment ago, is it from You?

No child.

Throw it away?

Yes, throw it away, immediately.

Is it You, Jesus, Son of God?

Yes, it is I who say it. Throw it away Agnes, as well as the entire previous conversation.

Jesus, it was an entire long message.

It did not come from Me, daughter.

Jesus, Son of God, are you asking me to throw away all the conversations from today?

Yes, it is I, Holy God, Your Savior, Jesus Christ, I am telling you and I am ordering you to throw everything out from today.

Jesus, and what I am writing now?

Leave it.  Now, I am talking to you.

Jesus, that’s terrible, why did you allow it? How could he fool me so much?

My child, I allow this and other temptations to you, to cleanse you for Me.

Lord, but there were things about love, how can he say that?

IF THE WORDS DO NOT FLOW OUT OF THE SOUL, THEY ARE BUT THE TALK OF SATANIt can be said. This is just a proof of how little words mean if they do not flow out of the soul. They are the language of satan.

Jesus, but I did not recognized it.

You recognized it, child. You did not feel anything when he dictated to you. You also made a lot of mistakes because you wrote without grace. Did you forget that I did not allow to finish this lying intrigue?

Jesus, that’s terrible. I am disgusted with him and his words. Lord, does this not pollute Your Holy words, if I am even for a moment deceived?

THEY DO NOT WANT ME IN THE WORLDNo My little one. The world is full of sin. This is the kingdom of Satan. They do not want Me in the world anymore, and am I soiled?  No and  My words can not get soiled, even though a thousand satans will wobble around them, My Words will remain Holy and Immaculate, because they come from me and I am Most High 

Jesus, will there be peace today? Please, but if you want,  let them keep disturbing me.

My little child, I have given you important tasks and devils will not rest until they will discourage you. My tiny give yourself to Me.

My Beloved, they imitated Your words so horribly close, I think they are memorizing Your words by heart?

Yes, My little one, and yet you felt anxiety didn’t you?

Yes, some words made me feel weird.

THE DEVILS WILL NOT REST UNTIL THEY WILL DISCOURAGE YOUYou see, the devil is very cunning towards you. He will continue to devise new plans to draw you away from me, BUT YOU are My little bonded to Me, so do not be afraid and accept all this in humility.

Beloved Rabbi, I love You. It’s terrible that I remember some words.

Little child, he’s just parroting. He will not say anything from himself, because you will guess right away that it is not Me. Do not worry. Nothing that comes from outside can soil your soul.

Master, I feel such a terrible disgust. It’s terrible.

I know my child, accept it from Me for those who sin horribly and do not regret it at all.

I agree Master, I accept everything from You, because I love and adore You.

Do not try to remember what he told you. Forget this incident, but stay alert.

Jesus, Beloved, thank You for help in dealing with matters and for the angels, for things for pilgrimage and for priest X.

HE IS ATTACKED FROM ALL SIDESYes, I have given you a lot today. Priest X is My chosen servant. I have few priests, My sons, as faithful as he is. Support him with prayers, because he needs it. They attack him from all sides, and for now you can pray a lot, so pray for him.

How come for now?

My child, there is time for prayer and time for action. I have given you a lot of time now, and although you have a lot of tasks, you also have a lot of time for prayers, and this son, my beloved, converts My children. I love him with all my heart and bless him, so also you love him and bless him.

Very well, Jesus, it will not be difficult at all. So much of  You is in him that you love him right away.

Yes, my child. You already have the eyes that see and the ears that they hear and your heart dictates to you what to do.

Beloved Jesus, You are my heart and You dictate to me what to do.

Yes, My little one.  I am dwelling in you.

Jesus, I’m still reviving of what he said and I do not want to think about it.

Good, my child. You will forget it. Have you told me enough times today that you love Me?

No, my Lord, never enough. I love You enormously and I want to repeat it all the time.

That’s good. In that case, repeat it a few more times.

I love You, I love You, I love You madly. You make my heart soft. I am melting my Savior. I want only You, feel You, listen and think about You, my Holy One.

I am here. (I felt the presence of an evil spirit, who spoke offensively to me.  Sometimes he cannot stand it and shows his real face, but unfortunately he pretends to be Jesus to tire and discourage me from listening).

Did evil went away?

It did.

How can they interrupt such beautiful moments, my Lord. I love You so much and they will not even allow me to say it to You.

I know my child. Do not be bothered with it. I God know your heart. Do you want to serve Me?

If you are Jesus Christ, I want it enormously.

YOU WILL HAVE IMPORTANT MESSAGESI am He. Serve Me child and give yourself to Me. You will have important messages. I will not dictate to you important messages when you are here, because I am asking for your total devotion and concentration. Do you miss Me My child, for when we would  be alone?

Yes, God, very much, but I’m still arranging everything here for the Holy Virgin.

(…) My little one, when we will be together and you will be more focused, I’ll be able to tell you more.

In that case, I feel like going there today.

You will go as you finish.

Jesus, I love You, I miss You. You are here and I miss You. I need You. My soul can not be satisfied with Your Sweetness and Wonder. Yes, I miss You and I want to feel You. My Beloved Savior.

Come to me, little one, I have been waiting for you and now I want to be glorified (…).

I love You. You have my heart forever. I give it to You completely.

EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OWN GOODMy little one, I accept your sacrifice. I know that you miss Me and you feel anxious, My little child. It will be so for the next few days, and you only remember to trust Me and love Me all the time and we will survive it together. I allow all the trials and penances for your own good. Do you trust me?

Is it You, Christ?

Yes, little one.

I trust You, Jesus. I love You very much.

YOU WILL MISS ME VERY MUCHVery well child. Cling to My Heart once more, because now you will miss Me very much, for all your friends who do not miss Me at all.

I welcome everything from You, because Your yoke is sweet and the burden is light.

Yes, My little one. Remember these words and go in peace. I, God bless you and love you. Amen.


Dear angel Bartholomew, could you talk to me?

Of course, I can, I’m here all the time.

My dear angel, it seems to me that you are very happy today.

Because you readily endure penances. It pleases God very much.

I try to. I forgot to ask you again for help with my work.

READ PIOUS BOOKSYou will ask me now and we will finish it quickly. You know that you are not allowed to work tomorrow. You will rest and read pious books. Are you planning to read the diary of Sister Faustina?

As soon as I finish the first part of Vassula.

Well. But you should read all the parts of Vassula’s messages. You both have a similar paths.

I feel special love for both of them. (Faustina and Vassula)

Yes, you are all similar. God is pleased with you all.

Is it you, my dear angel?

Yes, it is I, your angel.  You do not have to worry.  For some time, you will have peace, because this exorcism is quite strong and even such intrusive evil spirits as yours must leave. (Prayer for release from the book by priest Marian Polak “Fighting with satan”!)