January 14, 2010


I am here My child.

Lord, are you suffering?

Yes little one.  Will you suffer with Me?

Yes, Beloved, wherever You are, there I want to be.

Let it be so, come with Me on My Golgotha. Do not abandon Your Master.

My Beloved I am together with You. Would You like me  to pray  the rosary, to meditate on the sorrowful mysteries?

Yes, I want this. Think about Me and love Me.

I will do it, Master. ( I meditated on the sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary).


Yes, child.

Where are You?

I am on My Golgotha.

Jesus, how may I help You?

Just be with Me.

Under the cross?

Yes,  Look at Me.  Child, see how I am suffering. (Jesus was nailed to the cross).

God, Your sufferings are so terrible that I cannot even begin to imagine them.

You will experience them. Do you want to feel them?

I want to, Lord. If only You want to give me this grace. I want to share with You everything that You wish to share with Me.

GOD NEEDS YOUR LOVEMy little … be with Your Master. I need your love to endure on My wood of the cross, it is love that I need.

Dearest Jesus, You are The Love. I am all Yours though I am aware that You do not need me but only love me so much.

THEY ARE LAUGHING AT ME IN MY OWN NATIONYes child. Your God is Perfect and will bear everything, only for whom? Who do I suffer for so much? Look, I’m alone here. There is no one who would cry for Me. Nobody loves Me. Nobody takes pity on Me. They laugh at Me in My nation. Child, I’m all covered with Blood, and they are laughing. What kind of  hearts do they have? I did not give them such ones. Why have you gone so far away from me? Don’t you see that I’m dying in agony for you!

Jesus, I love You. I am so sorry for You. I thank You so much for freeing me, and now I am with you. Oh, the Sweetest Savior, I will never be able to repay you and thank You for such horrible sufferings that You endure for me, but they are not in vein, because You saved my life my Beloved Savior.

CONSOL ME CONSTANTLYMy little one … comfort me. Comfort me all the time. I am so Lonely in My Suffering. Nobody wants to suffer with Me. Should I bear all the anguish by Myself?  Forever alone? Where are My beloved children, for whom I have accepted the death?

God, they got lost. If they were aware of what is happening, who You are and how You suffer, they all  would be with You. They have no idea about You, they are not conscious …

Little one, love Me.

I love You very much. I love every piece of Your Holy, Tormented Body and each of the 5,480 of Your Holy Wounds and every Drop of Your Holy, Innocent Blood spilled by You the Lamb of God. I adore You. (Lord Jesus revealed to Saint Brigid that he received 5480 blows during His Passion).

My little one, come to the Lord. At least for you I saved your life … At least you are the one who knows what I did for you. Cling to My wounded shoulders. Let Me feel your support little one, when I am in such agony.

Blessed God, there are many, many other people who love You very much and know what you have done for us.

PRESENTLY I AM ALONE IN MY CHURCHESNot today. Presently I am alone in My churches. Do you know how many people around the world adore me now, when I suffer so much?

I do not know, my God, but probably a lot of those who love you are at work.

I AM THE MEANING OF LIFE, NOT WORKChild, I am the meaning of life, not work, because what can your work do for you? Why are you getting rich when you will all die soon. What will you bring me then? What will you show me? Your titles? What do I need your titles for? Your awards and diplomas? What do I need all  this for?

YOU DEPARTED FROM ME AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLEAnd I will ask: where were you when I hung on the cross for you ?! Why have you not been with Me?! I do not know you! Children, I do not know you, who are you ?! You have departed from Me as far away as possible because you do not want to see My Suffering! Everyone wants to be saved, but no one wants to help Me in My Work of Salvation.

WHERE IS GOD? HE IS WHERE YOU LEFT HIM! ON GOLGHOTA!Everyone wants only pleasure, and when something goes wrong, they ask: Where is God? And God is where you left him! On Golgotha! On the cross! Look how I’m suffering! I go to the Father alone because there is no one to help Me to save you! I took on all your sins Myself! I suffer for all mankind when you only think about pleasures! I suffer so … Will anyone sustain Me? Children, will anyone cry over Me?

Jesus, I’m here. I am with You. I love You, Holy, Innocent, Crucified God. Lord, there are no words to express  Your Great Merits. Who can put it in words? Such a great work of Redemption? It’s so inconceivable for a human being. O Lord, if you do not open their eyes, they will not see.

COMING OF THE LORDMy little one … Soon, I will open their eyes and they will see the Son of Man in Glory, but whoever did not love Me, when I was scorned, humiliated, spotted with your sins, he will not see Me in Glory. He will not see My Power, he will perish in eternal fire.

Holy, Beloved, Sweetest Rabbi, You are the Light of the world. Shine on us before You come back in Glory. Because of Your Mercy, please, open our eyes before Your coming.

GOD IS SO DESPISED AND SO MERCIFULMy little one, I am so Despised and so Merciful. How much I suffer … Do you want to be with me?

Lord, I want it. Always and everywhere. I love you so much.

My little one, come to Me.

I am with You, Master.

Do you want to hold my hand when I will be dying?

I want Lord. I want everything you want. I want to help.

Take My Hand, my little one.

AT THE FEET OF DYING LORDJesus was on the cross, and I was by His left Hand and Its height. Jesus told me to take his hand. I embraced It so that I put one hand in the hand of the Lord, and the other I had in the back as if embracing from the other side, behind the cross. I did not see exactly, but I felt Jesus squeezed my hand with His the one that I put under His Fingers. He could only bend His fingers, so I moved my hand there. Jesus squeezed me again when he went to the Father. And then I was kneeling under the cross and saw  crying Mother of God, hiding Her face in Her hands when Jesus died. Our Lady was on her knees and Saint John was embracing Her.


I am here child.

Thank you for allowing me to be with You and support You at least with that presence.

Yes, child, I had lean on you, but you have seen yourself how great are the sufferings of the Son of Man.

Yes, Lord. I tried to join with You as much as possible.

Your faith is getting deeper, but do not stop praying  the chaplet I gave you. (The Chaplet of entrusting to God’s Grace).

Yes Jesus, I will not stop. What should I say or do Lord? I do not know how to behave at the moment.

Do nothing, just be quietly with me. Are you with me?  

I am always with You. I am thinking about You and I love You all the time.

Very well. Rest now. And I will leave now, but I will come back to you. Think about Me, what I showed You today.

Yes Master. I love You.

Very well little one. Lord loves you too. Depart. Amen.


Lord Jesus?

I am present.  There was a bad spirit, but we chased it away.

I felt that something is not right.  My Jesus, but it will not came back?

Not at the moment.

Is it You Jesus Christ?

I am here little one.

Please, chase away the bad spirit, so we could talk.  How it dares to come when You are present?

GOD’S TRIALSMy little one, these are the forms of penances that are allowed for you.

But Your Holiness, Lord, destroys them, overpowers them.

Yes, My little one. I need your sacrifice, therefore, these attacks are allowed on you.

I love You, Jesus. I adore You. My Rabbuni, I missed You.

My little Agnes, I love you.

Thank You, my Holy Lord, for the great grace received today that I could be with You under the cross.

Yes, My tiny one. I took you with Me. Do you always want to be with Me during My Passion?

Yes, Jesus. I love You and I want to help You, the way that You desire it. I do not want to abandon You ever so  please grant me the grace that I can always fulfill Your Will.

It is granted, child. You will not fail me. Petition Your God. I beloved you so much that I will not let you fall. You are permanently attached to Me. Forever, and also on My Golgotha.

Jesus, I want to be with You at all times, although You are Almighty and Powerful, and I am weak and clumsy. Jesus, I want to walk by Your side step by step wherever You want to take me.

My little one……you love Me.

Yes.  I love You Master.

I feel good, dwelling in your little heart.

And I as well in Yours Fathomless, Holy Heart. Lord, my paradise is in Your Heart which is so vast and beautiful, but You in my little one … I think it should still be expanded for You?

My child, you are making My Heart tender. Come to Your God. I’m here with You.

Jesus, is it You? (All the time I felt the presence of evil spirit behind my back).

Yes, my little, it is I who speaks to you. Do not be afraid. I will not let him take voice.

I want to be holy for You, so that I could be useful.

My child … you are My little joy.

I love you, my Master.

Go on, and ask.

I’m not sure which image to prepare for a pilgrimage. The one that belongs to me, or the one which was blessed by Pope John Paul II, or maybe the picture of Merciful Jesus? I do not know.

Let this be the image of Merciful Jesus.

And what about the inscription: “I Bless you”?

GOD IS SPEAKING THROUGH THE SIGNSAnother time. For now, prepare this picture, because people only by looking at Me in this image, already derive graces from My Mercy.

Very Well Master. May I still ask about these images?

What would you like to ask?

How do you really look?

You do not know? I thought you knew it.

Jesus, it seems to me that just like in the picture I’m looking at now, just more beautiful.

THE BEAUTY OF GOD IS IN THE SPIRITYes child. You said it well. No picture can render the beauty of the Son of Man, because it is a physical thing, and My Beauty is in the spirit. You can feel it, but it can not be fixed on paper. 

But you look very close to the image at which I am looking at my mysterious God ?

Yes My little one. You will see Me soon.  Would you like that?

Most Dearest Jesus, I desire it very much.

It will be granted to you.

I cannot wait. Lord, should I especially prepare myself, Is there anything that needs to be especially taken care of?

No My child. Grow in virtues same as till now, and I will support you as before. Nothing is changing in our way.

Jesus, can I still ask about the second image?

What would you like to know?

How did You look when You walked on the earth?

The same as I do now.

But this second image is also a holy one, isn’t it?

LOVE MY FACEYes. The second one too. (…) This is  meaningless child. I am God. Love my face, because it’s the face that loves, and it was so horribly insulted.

I love Your Holy Face immensely. I adore it. You know it Yourself.

Yes, I know, My little one. Few people adore My Face so much, and this is a source of immense graces. Do not be afraid. I protect you all the time. Nothing will happen to you, because I, Myself am watching over you My very little one.

You will not chase them away?

Not for now. Love Me, little child.

I love You, Lord. I am entirely Yours without limits.

That’s good. Now go to sleep, because tomorrow I want to see you in church.

Okay, Jesus. I want to see You too.

I, Jesus, bless you and am casting out demons from around you so you could sleep peacefully. I love you little one. Your Jesus. Amen.

Thank You, Beloved Rabbi.  I love You.  Amen.