January 15, 2010



Are You here?

Yes, I am waiting for you, for when you are ready.

I am sorry that I am so slow Master and that I have a mess.

But, do you love Me?

I love You very much. I was just thinking about it that I missed You a lot, as if we had not talked for weeks. However, I worked today. Maybe I worked too much, and I was not  with You enough?


I am sorry Lord, did You want to talk earlier?

No, not to talk, but in your prayers you were absent.

Lord Jesus, is it You, who are talking?

Yes, it is I, My little one.

During the Rosary, I actually worked. Does such prayer not count?

The Rosary is very important for you because it protects you against evil spirits, otherwise I have to protect you the entire day.

My Master, thank You very much for protecting me. I’m sorry that  I’m so slow. Somehow I do not laze at all, and I still have not enough time for anything.

CALL ANGELS FOR HELPI know child, that presently you have a lot of tasks, but what have I given you angels for? Let them help you. Ask them more.

Lord, how should I ask? I prayed in the morning and then a litany … I do not know how to ask for more.

Ask them for help before each work.  Let them come to support you, let them help you to organize and chase away from you evil spirits, which slow down this work as much as they can.  You are very tired, you have no time for Me and nothing is finished.

Jesus, I’m sorry. I work as fast as I can. You know, I’ve been working all day without a break. I will try to remember to ask the angels, because I’m giving my best. Please, do not scold me, because I work so hard and really I try my very best. But You know it Yourself.

You see, My little one, it’s too late to talk to Me when you’re so tired, then,  they (evil spirits) have easy access to you.

But, Lord, You told me earlier to work? I am sorry. I can not manage it anymore. I give it all to You. Strengthen me Lord, for I will not be able to do it alone. Lord, don’t You want to talk to me today? … (silence). I’m sorry, Lord, do not be angry, please. I did wrong, I should have asked You earlier to talk to me and shouldn’t have dozed off in the morning, I should have prayed. I make many mistakes. Take my imperfection, please, do not be angry with me. Will You not talk to me today? (silence)


Dear Angel?

I am listening.

Can we talk?

We can, but it will start soon. (Bad spirit will start disturbing us a lot).

Is Jesus angry with me?

GOD FEELS SORRYNo, he is not angry, but He feels sorry that you organize your work in the way, that when He wants to talk to you, you are not able to.

I cannot manage myself.


Is it you Bartholomew?

No, not now.

Bartholomew, I apologize to the Lord very much, I behaved badly today. Everything is going wrong. I am sorry.

Trust the Lord. The fact that you can not talk to Him does not mean that you failed Jesus.

But if he wanted , He could chase them away, and then we could talk.

GOD’S TRIALSIt is not like that. Penance is imposed on you, and you must learn to live as such, to endure penance and fulfill tasks at the same time.

Bartholomew, is it you?

Yes, it’s me, your good angel.

My Dear Angel, I cannot do any better, I’m weak, I cannot do better, I have no strength.

Do not fall into impatience, this is a satanic trick. They are lurking for you. Tomorrow, before leaving, pray  the whole rosary.



Is it you, Bartholomew?

No, throw it away.

But I should pray the rosary?

Yes, pray it, alone or with somebody.

Will the priest from Wykrot agree?

He will agree.  Do not worry.

Did I neglect the Lord, and is He sad?

It is your penance, you will not find out anything more.  Trust Him blindly.  Tomorrow you will know everything.

Will you still be able to talk?

No, not today. Go and rest, for you are barely alive, child.

Who is talking to me?

It is I, your angel.

You say to me, child?

Yes, I said it – child of God.

I will go and rest.

Go in peace. You have my angelic blessing. Amen.


I NEGLECTED YOU LORDJesus, I love You, I’m sorry for everything. I am unworthy of Your great graces, but all my hope is in You. I will not refrain from attempting to please You, even if I am unreliable, I will not give up because You are the One whom I only want! Even if You will not speak to me my Beloved Rabbuni, and even if I know that I have done wrong and should not have asked You because I neglected You and I do not deserve this conversation, I will not give up. I know that You can hear me and I love You . My Master, I love You and I want to be with You, I am sorry that I am so ungrateful.

Did you call me, Lord? (I heard my name earlier, but I was not sure who was calling me)

Yes Agnes, I was calling you.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes, it is I.

Beloved Rabbi, will You forgive Your unfaithful servant once more?

Yes child, I will forgive you a thousand times, just run  to Me, My little one  and ask for forgiveness.

Beloved I am sorry that I have tried to whitewash myself, though I know that I have sinned against You today.

HAVE TRUST IN JESUSNo, My little one. You have not sinned against Me. What happened today was a trial for you, whether you trust in Me after all, when everything is telling you that I have treated you unfairly, despite of this, will you believe Me.

I believe, Jesus, I believe in You, in Your Goodness and Love You above everybody.

Yes child, now I know it.

Lord, I love You. It always turns out that You are so Good that my heart is squeezed from all Your Goodness. I love You very much and I want and need You. The Soul of My Soul, I cannot live without You.

My little child, your words are sincere. Come to Me. I love you little one. Your God is with you. The One, whom you beloved comes to you, to take you into His arms.

Jesus, my Holy Savior, thank You. You are My Treasure.

Do not be scared. What are you afraid of? Do not be afraid of Me. (Lord Jesus was right next to me)

Sometimes evil spirit impersonates You and I feel no peace.

Do not be terrified, little one. So what, that he comes to you?  I am more Powerful. You have nothing to fear.

Lord Jesus lifted me and it took me a moment to realize that I am in the clouds. Lord Jesus was sitting on a cloud, and I was beside Him, however I was so frightened by the lack of stable ground that I was holding Him tightly around the Neck. I looked about and held Him even more tightly.

Is it You, Jesus?

Yes. It is I, child.

Were we in the clouds?

We were.

Was I strongly holding You?

Yes, very strongly.

Lord, increase my faith, because it is so incomprehensible.

My little one, trust Me. I know that presently you must trust a lot, however do recall how you asked Me to say things, which you would not be able to imagine by yourself? And what now? You trusted Me and it was given to you. And starting now, before I come to you, I want you to learn to feel Me and have such strong faith, as if you saw Me alive. Then, you will see Me. (I’ve already grasped that the way I see the Lord is spiritual, but I do not see Him clearly, so it’s a state between seeing and feeling. It was different when I had visions, then I saw exactly every detail in every second).

Lord, will I,  so incapable be able to have such faith? I think only, if You give it to me?

I will give it to you, I will. I still have many graces for you. You will see child, this is just our beginning.

I love You, Jesus, I yearn to receive everything from You. My King, I love You!

That’s good. Give yourself to Me. I will strengthen you child, because you are already swaying on your feet. Your God loves you. Your fasting, what are you offering to Me for? 

Lord, for the successful permission to have the Holy Mass, in Wykrot. I am asking humbly that the priest would agree to celebrate the Holy Mass for the pilgrims.

Very well, child. I accept your sacrifice. And do not ignore what the angel commanded you.

I will not forget Lord. The whole rosary.

Very well. Now, go rest and think about Me, what I’ve done for you today. Amen.