January 13, 2010

Mother of God, can I talk to You?

You may.

My Mother, I apologize for so many bad emotions  today.

(…) My child, do not despair. My works must be difficult. I am helping you. Do not think that  I have left you on your feast day.

It’s so difficult to put it all together. You know, Mother of God, how difficult it is.

I know My child, but do not worry about the pilgrimage and there will be a Mass celebrated. You said yourself that if I want it, it will happen, period. Have you lost faith in Me My child?

No Mother of God. I apologize for my empty heart today. I feel terrible.

Because you are arguing. On contrary everything must be offered to the Lord.

Oh, Mother of  God, but how?  How to put up with it? Allow to be treated in such a way and not to react at all?

LORD JESUS DID NOT DEFEND HIMSELFMy child, my Son was so insulted and did He defend Himself? Did He protest? No child. He allowed people to say the worst things  about Himself. He endured the worst of accusations in humility. Imitate Him, all of you. 

I will try Mother of God. Help me my Dear Mother, Everything is becoming so difficult.

My child, I support you and that you do not feel it, this  I know. Let not every unfriendly face that you come across to deeply worry you. You will meet a lot of such people. Give Him, this suffering. Child,  I need your sufferings for My pilgrimage. But you are in full knowledge that everything will work out because I want it so. All problems are allowed in order for you to humbly  impetrate the graces. Have confidence, and Mother will not let you down. Do you remember what My Son has told you?

Yes, Dear Mother, that I would trust You blindly.

Exactly. This work will not fall, because I have decided so, and you do not worry ahead of time, just work. Everything will be fine.

Thank you for this consolation Dearest Mother. Be with me, please, so that I will organize everything adequately for You. I want to help, only sometimes there are these difficult moments and now it is one of them.

No My child, now, it is not a difficult one yet.

My Mother, thank You very much for the conversation and that you have comforted me.

I see that I have not consoled you too much, but I say to you, you will accomplish everything, and endure all the crosses with contentment, since receiving them is a grace in itself.

Okay, I will try to endure them better (…)

Depart in peace.  Amen.



Yes child.

I welcome You, Master.

Hello child.

I had terrible thoughts in the church, I felt rejected by You as if I had mortally sinned.

I know child, it is satan who torments you. Do not give an ear to him.

At last I hear You. So clearly, so safe … Thank You for being with me. I also feel very unworthy of Your graces. I should be better.

You will be better my child. Give everything to Me, and I will make You in My resemblance.

I love You, Jesus. You know, yesterday I was thinking that You are so close to me and such my Beloved, that I feel as if You are the closest person in the world to me. I have with You so many secrets  and I trust You so much.

My little one, the heart of God rejoices. You say I’m the closest to you … hmm … How long I have waited to hear this, little one … That’s true … You are feeling our bond. Our bond is sanctified by Me and exists only between us. With nobody else I have such a bond like with you, because no one else is like you. Therefore our Love is the only one. Do you know how I love you?

Jesus, you are so wonderful to me … I’m scared because I do not know such a love. I did not know that You were so amazing.

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF GOD’S LOVEMy little one, I have not shown you My works yet. My child, I have for you streams of graces. Do not be afraid of My Love. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into My Arms. I will not let you down.

Beloved Jesus, is it You who is talking to me and gave me a gift?

Yes, My little one, do you doubt in Your Beloved?

No, my Dearest, I just want to make sure that it is really You. Because You see, I’m still afraid that I love You inappropriately.

LOVE WITH ALL THE HEART AND WITH ALL SENSESAnd, how do you want to love Me? How is God to be loved? Should not this be a true love? Is this not to be a love encompassing all your heart and all your senses? Do you want to love me not as much, my little one?

I want to love you more, only sometimes I do not know if it is possible to approach God so much? Will I not offend you?

My child, these are all whispers of satan. I love you with love, that is incomprehensible to you, and you should love Me with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. Love Me as your Bridegroom and this is the love you should love Me with, because, have I not married you, child? Do not try to reason and explain our relationship in human terms, child, because it is a Godly bond. I am explaining many things to you in human terms, otherwise you would not understand Me.

But other people, do they love you differently?

Everyone loves differently, and I love everyone in a different way, but with the same intensity.

Because people are different?

RICHNESS OF GOD’S GIFTSYes child. Everyone is capable of different feelings and I am enabling each one to different tasks. You my little, will worship Me and love Me on earth, just as the angels in Heaven love Me and adore Me. You have fallen in love with Me and this is the love that I want from you child, so do not worry if what you feel is good or bad, because it was I who have empowered you to love Me in this way.

I love You so much. Only You, I love so much. I adore You. Sometimes I feel such a Love when I think about You, that I do not know what to do anymore, it is melting me. You’re so Perfect. And when I think that once You walked the earth and people could look at You all the time and feel Your Holiness so close, I love You so much … Even stronger. My Beloved … Today, it is difficult for me, but I love You so much that I will endure it.

GOD IS ASKING FOR LOVELittle one, do not be afraid of your God and do not worry about what people will say. You are My bride. I will do whatever I want with you. Did I not  assign to you the most beautiful task? To love Me and to adore Me? My little one? Don’t you like that your Bridegroom loves you and comes to ask for your love?

My God, I love You so much … I like everything that is coming from You, and the role You have chosen for me is so great that I do not know how I will repay You because You shower me with gifts as if I have already received the heavenly reward. Am I in Heaven, My Beloved?

No My little one. In Heaven, there you’ll see the grandeur…

O God, Jesus, Most Beloved, I love You. I love the tasks that You give me and the love towards You, which You poured into my heart, that you showed me with Your Beautiful, Divine nature full of grace. You are Unconceivable God, and Your magnanimity is inconceivable to me, the unworthy. Why do You, my Holy, fulfill all my dreams?

Because I love you.

My God, you spoil me.

I know, I told you that I was spoiling you and you did not believe it.

(…) ?

You are so impatient … after all, I told you that I would give. Don’t you have enough gifts from me?

Not at all, I have not yet collected myself after the last one. It is awesome. See, You make me so happy?

I know, I know. Do not forget about it when you will be sad. Remember how I love you. Do you believe Me?

Yes Master. You know that it is hard for me to believe that You love me so much, but I believe. You heal my wounds, Holy Healer. You have the power to heal my wounds. I love You. Do, what You wish with me.

My child, I like when you give yourself to Me when you are trusting and delighted. My little child … when will I have you with Me …?

Now we live at my place, and later in Your Kingdom, right?

Yes, My little one. You still have to stay here a little longer, but I will come for you with My Mother. She found you for Me.

Yes, I am very grateful to Her. My Holy Mother and Yours. How is all of this  incomprehensible to mankind …

It is true. Do not measure Me with a human measure because you are putting limits on Me. Think of Me as you think that you do not understand Me, but you love and trust and I will open your eyes. Child, do you want to see Me?

Beloved Jesus, even if my heart is to break from Oh, I want it!

Okay, you’ll see Me.

I love You … And You will always talk to me and You will not leave me? …

Yes. Little one, remember this well before you doubt again.

I have such a fear in me, but I renounce it for you, can I?

You can. Renounce everything that I do not like and I will bless you.

I trust in You, Jesus. You are my best and closest Friend. I came so close to You that You are so Dear to me, even though You are so Powerful and Infinite.

Yes child. My secrets are great. I will disclose them to you if you want.

Lord, I want it very much. I want to know everything about You. Although I know it is impossible for me, but I am so curious about everything pertaining to You. What are You like … I want to get to know You a lot, a lot more and I will never get bored with You, because You are Infinite. You are Perfect. There is no other perfection, but you.

My little one, your words are pleasing to Me. Seek and you will find. I want to reveal My secrets to you, and you should love Me more and more, just as I beloved you without reservations.

God, whatever You say. I am, the happiest person on earth, because I believed in Your Love, which is the happiness, peace and home of the soul.

My little child, My Spirit dictates you the words because you entrusted yourself to Him. And entrust  yourself even more and you will see My works.

I give myself without reservations. I do not want anything of my own anymore and everything is Yours in my soul. Let Your Spirit fill me to the brim, that I may glorify You with dignity, which is my greatest joy. Love, love, love!

Child, I accept your act of devotion. I love you and My Spirit rests upon you.

Jesus, and the cross that I saw today after receiving Holy Eucharist? Did it mean anything?

Draw it.

Okay. But is there anything else?

For now just draw and I will explain it to you later.

Very well Master.  Soul of my soul.  Live in me and bond me with You forever.

And ever. Amen. Child, depart in peace. Your Master loves you and blesses you. Come back tomorrow and I will tell you something for your brothers.

Okay Beloved Bridegroom of My Heart. Let Your Will in me be done. Amen.

Amen child.