January 12, 2010


I am here little one.

I welcome You, My Master.

Hello, little one. What do you have to say to me today?

That I love You and need You more than air, because without air no one can live, but without You there is no eternal life.

You said well, My little student.  Master is pleased with you.

My beloved Rabbi, I am very happy when You are pleased. Always unchanging and constant, sometimes sad and occasionally irate. I would like to help You so much that You will always be gratified, as long as You want to use me.

Well, my little one. I will use you. You will work hard for Me, but I see that you take pleasure in working for Me?

Yes Master. You are a dreamed up Boss. Very demanding, very forbearing and also extremely supportive in every task.

Yes child. Now you feel that I am with you in every activity that I entrust to you.

Yes, My Dear Rabbi. I feel that You are always in my life.

My little one, did you want to ask me about something?

Yes Beloved, I wanted to ask if yesterday afternoon You were with me when I was hurting so much?

I was with you.

You put Your hand on my head and said that You take away the pain so that I can leave the house.

Yes My little one.

But this pain subsided a little, and then it was more intense.

GOD NEEDS YOUR SUFFERINGI know child. I’ve helped you, so you could get to your destination, but later I needed your suffering.

I thought that the pain would disappear completely after you touched me.

No child, I left you only as much pain as you could withstand. You atoned for important matters yesterday. You do not even know how important.

Should I know?

You know what it was for, you just do not realize how important it was.

Oh, but I suffered for a while. Would the graces flow then?

They will flow child, but be patient, because not immediately.

But you told me Master that you do not have time.

Do not worry about this child, I am the One who sets the time. I told you, that you people do not have time.

Yes, Beloved, Almighty God. That’s what you have said.

Okay, what else?

PRAY FOR  PRIESTS AND DO NOT  VILIFY THEMThe day before yesterday You said that if someone was hurt by a priest, You were not in that priest but only the devil impersonating You. And I wanted to ask You, whether You spoke in general or pertaining to the time during confession?

BREAK THE THREAD OF PRIESTLY UNBELIEF AND DEBAUCHERYI spoke generally. Do not hold priests in contempt, because then I as well  will hold you in contempt. Do not judge. If some priest has done wrong to you, go to another. I still have some faithful sons, they will help you. And for those who did not help you, pray children, instead of grumbling, because by grumbling, you support the work of satan, and these priests are only getting worse. Only with prayer and mercy you can destroy and break this thread of unbelief and debauchery that satan has spread around my servants.

Thank you, Master. Can I wait with the purchase of  the computer till after the twentieth?

Yes, you can wait. I know that you have a lot of expenses.

And today I bought a small gift for myself. Did I do wrong? Should I have not buy anything? (I went shopping with the intention of buying one thing that I needed. Although I did not look around at all, I noticed a small thing from a distance and I could not leave without it. Its cost was surprisingly symbolic).

I purchased it for you, little one.

Is it You saying it, Beloved Jesus?

Yes, I bought it for you, for the occasion of our feast.

JOY, HOLY LOVE OF BELONGINGBeloved, this is so lovely that I do not know what to say. I know You’re so good and wonderful, but in this way? In such small trifles?

My child, don’t you know that I love you? You decided to remember and to honor our feast with how you dress, and I decided to give you a present.

I had such a strong feeling that I should not give it to my mother.

Do not even give it a second thought. It is a gift from Me to you, that you (…) will rejoice and never forget that I am pampering you. Will you trust me?

I will, in everything.

Do you doubt that I can buy you a present?

No Master. You are so magnanimous that it suits You. I even felt that it was You.

Yes, My little one. You have everything from me. I like to pamper you, my seven year old. (I asked Jesus to let me be as a child after death, the Lord asked me how old I want to be, and I replied that I do not know, that as old as He wants me to be. Jesus said that I will be seven years old).

My angel even told me that I am two years old, because I am with You for two years.

That’s true, but you’ll be seven years old. Just as you asked.

Thank You. I love You. You are Perfect.

I know, that’s why you love Me.

I do not know why I love You. Because You are so Good, Magnanimous, Infinite, Beloved, Affectionate, Holy, Omnipotent, Powerful, Glorified, and I can list like that forever. Because You gave Your life for me. You gave Your only human life without hesitation to be with me forever, to make me fall in love with You and take me to Your Kingdom, where I will sing to You forever!

Yes, My little one. I will take you. You will be a soloist among My angels.

I love you, The Most Blessed Rabbi. I have no words. You are so Good to me that I have no words, My Beloved.

LOVE OVERWHELMSI know child, My Love and Goodness overwhelm you. Nobody loved you as much as I love you and you slowly begin to believe in this Love. This begins to reach you that it is I, God Almighty, so much beloved you that I am coddling you in My Arms endlessly. Do you see that I can make you happy?

Dear Rabbuni, only You know how to make me happy. Only you know my heart without end. I have never been so happy in my entire life and I am sure that You have prepared for me such wonderfulness in Heaven … You make everyone individually happy, because you know whom You had created and what everybody needs. 

Yes, my child. Your Master knows everything. Do you love Me, little one?

I love You very much, my Beloved Master, the Sweetest God, the Longed for Savior, Pined for Rabbi.

My little one, you have many names for Me, and I have so many graces for you little child.

Beloved, I’m melting in You. Thank you. You are so Generous …

DIFFICULT DAYS WILL COMEYes, I am My child. Do not worry about the days that will come. They will be difficult ones, but will your Savior leave you child? Never. I’ll never leave you. You see, you are like a small child about whom you talked about with your girlfriend. When I chastise you, you think I will leave you, that I will get angry with you, that you are not good enough for me. Child, I chose you from millions. Do you think that I did not know your faults? I will not leave you even if you sin because I know your weakness.

TIE YOURSELF TO ME AND HELP ME OUT BECAUSE OF YOUR  LOVEI have attached you to Myself and you, child, tie yourself to Me. You will never be without Me. Everything about us is decided. Try to help Me out of love, not out of fear that I will leave you, because it will not happen.

My Beloved, I never thought about myself in that way, but it’s true. I am so afraid that You will see that I am improving too slowly and You will stop talking to me. I am afraid that I will waste such a holy opportunity by laziness, neglect or pride.

My little one, you see it yourself. I know everything about you even before you realize it. You remember how ridiculous the boy’s fears seemed to you, and now you yourself say things like that. My child, they are just as much unreasonable to Me. Father will never leave His beloved daughter. Do you believe Me, Agnes?

But does it mean that You will always talk to me?

GOD’S TESTYes. Always. It may happen that you will not hear Me for a while but then  you will know the reason why it happened. But I will always come back to you and we will talk.

Rabbuni, will we always talk?

Yes, little child. Forever.

Thank you, Beloved Master. I believe in all Your Words, but I would like to believe even more and that is why I will pray today the chaplet You gave me.

Very well, pray this chaplet because it has a great power. You will see. (The chaplet of entrusting to Divine Providence: In the beginning: Jesus, who have pulled me out of darkness and now lead me by my hand to Your Kingdom, I give myself entirely to You, my heart, my mind, my hands and my legs, my weaknesses, doubts and my instabilities. Form me according to Your image; On large beads: Jesus, Beloved of my heart, increase my faith and grant that I would blindly trust You without a doubt, On small beads (10 times): Jesus, I trust in You, At the end (3 times): Jesus I am entirely Yours).

Okay, Rabbuni. I will do as you wish.

Well, for sure, pray it today. Maybe with your mom. You two are inseparable.

Yes, Dear Jesus. My Sweetest Life. I love You.

Very well, My little one. I am happy too. Go back to work. Amen


Dear angel Bartholomew?

I am listening.

May I talk to you?

You may.  Will you pray the litany?

I will pray it. Forgive me for being neglectful. I cannot manage my time. I would like to organize myself better, but I do not know how to go about it.

HELP OF AN ANGELI know, I will help you. This is your weak spot. You lose a lot of time by doing many things at the same time, and even if you do one, you think about another, on top of this  you do not finish what you start and you have a mess. This is the reason. I will help you if you ask me.

I will make an effort. And will you help me even in asking you for help? To get up in the morning and to pray an hour? I would like it so much.

I’ll help you. Ask me what you intended to ask, because it’s late, you still have prayers and you have to get up  early in the morning.

I wanted to ask about X and X sisters?

Unbelievable, you guys are in such a hurry …

THE SUPER POWER OF THE HOLY MASS AND INDULGENCESI know, I’m sorry. But did indulgences help them or was is there something else? The nuns are still especially praying for them.

They are in much better situation now. You do not even want to know how horribly tormented they were and in what a disgusting way. Now the devils can not torment them any more, but they still have to repent because their transgressions against God were many.

What is the best way to help them.

Well … offer Masses  and indulgences in their intentions. They have sin a lot and the Lord slowly counts subtracting their years.

And X?

She is in Heaven.

So soon?

Yes. Lord has accepted all of your prayers for her.

She does not need prayers anymore?

NOW IST THE TIME OF GOD’S MERCYNo, she does not need it anymore. Do not forget that now is the time of God’s mercy. All prayers have twice the merit.

Thank you very much. (…) And X?

His situation is negatively peculiar, but he is alive.

Does it mean he is saved, but he needs prayers?

Yes, he needs a lot of prayer.  He was not a good person.(…)

Thank you very much. Is it the best to pray through indulgences and Holy Masses?

Yes, these forms of restitution for their sins carry the greatest weight in Heaven.

Will you tell me something about X?

X …, I know. He died tragically in Katyn. His family was in despair, but they are presently all dead and now nobody is praying for him. You will help him a lot. Lord wants you to pray for him.

Was he a very bad person?

No, not very bad. But he was slothful and is suffering a lot, and there is still much before him. He pleaded for your help.

How is it? Souls in purgatory can not ask for themselves?

He can not pray directly for himself, but he could ask you to pray for him.

But how come?

Aaa..you would like to know everything.(…)

DEVILISH DISORDERHave the mother’s shoes been accidentally damaged or by an evil spirit? (After the Enthronement Devotion of Jesus Christ the King in the family, my mother noticed an amazing change in her new shoes, the sole of one shoe was burned, scarred and cracked across the entire width, while the second sole remained completely unscathed).

By the evil spirit. They are mad at you and curse you, but that’s all what they can do.

That means they came to ruin her shoes?

Yes, they damaged it and many other things.

And should mom go to  meet with X?

She should, she cannot get out of it.

Or is it better not to go?

No, it will not change anything. I will not tell you more, because they will not allow us to talk anyway. (This evening, bad spirits were very much disturbing).

Thank you very much. I think it’s too late and I hear badly. I kiss you and bid you Good Night.

Good Night.