January 11, 2010


I am here little one.

Dear Master, I’m so happy to hear You. I love You.

Right away from the start? It is pleasing to hear that.

Jesus, is it You, who are speaking?

Yes, it is I.

I rarely greet You this way at the beginning. First, I always say that I’m sorry. Now, I want to apologize also, since I could not stand the pain and I could not keep it secret. (I had very severe headache. Jesus taught me that our sufferings and penances are pleasing to Him when we accept them without grumbling and complaining).

I know. I am not angry. It was a lot of pain for you and it lasted a long time. Lord is pleased with you.

Is it You Beloved Rabbi?

Yes, it is I, little one. What is worrying you?

I do not know myself, I feel uneasy.

It is because you are tired and you have not managed to quite down yourself before the conversation. I have already been waiting for you. You speak beautifully of Me. You love Me, child. God’s heart rejoices seeing you enwrapped in love with Me.

Jesus, You know everything. You know how I beloved You. You know how I am missing You. But I am still far away from the love that You have for me.

Yes child. You know that I love you much more, but you as well will love Me far more .

Most Dearest Jesus, I never loved anybody like You.

I know little one, but do you want to love Me even more?

Yes, Most Loving God, I want to love You the most in the entire world (…).

Very well My little one.  You will receive it.

My Beloved, Mysterious God, all eternity is not enough to know Your Mysteries …

Yes, child, I am Immeasurable, but I will enhance your capabilities to get to know Me. I, God, want to reveal Myself more to you. Let your love blossom for Me, My little one. You truly love Me.

I want to love You such, that You will always rejoice when you think about me, that I would be Your comfort, Your rest and satisfaction for sins.

Do you want to feel them more?

Yes, Lord. You know that I want it very much.

You will receive this grace.

Beloved Master, I humbly Thank You. I will offer it daily in the intentions of Your Mother, although I am very unworthy but I still want to serve You as You wish.

My little one, My balm, You are My consolation.

BE MY BALMBeloved, make me into Your favorite balm. Let me be Your steadfast  consolation, though I am weak and unreliable and unworthy of this grace, You can change me Lord, that I may serve You better. I want to do Your will.

SATISFACTION TO GODMy little one, how pleasing are your words to God’s Heart. Come, love Your God, because the blows inflicted by unbelievers are heavy. I am suffering and I have very little compassion. There is no one to dress My Wounds. Come to me and alleviate Your God by loving me.

Lord, I am at your command. I will never stop loving You.

My dear, you did a good job today, but now go to sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow. Sleep my child. Father is with you.

Very well, Holy God. I will do as You tell me.

Good Night.  Amen