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Thank you for visiting this site. We welcome you here and we wish you to receive a full benefit from reading the messages from Heaven for the end times which are upon us.

The messages on this site originate in Poland and are being given to a person (mystic), Agnes, who is under a care of a priest, Fr. Peter Natanek. There are currently 26 volumes of books published in Polish and more are on the way since the messages are still happening to this day. The nature of these messages is in a form of an individual conversations and encounters between Agnes and Heaven. She is a person chosen by God who was given a very special grace to not only receive these messages, but also to share them with the entire world for the salvation of souls.

These messages are for all of mankind. They help to build a personal relationship with God by revealing the depths of His real image and divine dynamics. Among many things these messages further clarify the individual and collective responsibility as seen by Heaven. They are both natural and mysterious in nature. At their center is Real Love, which the Creator Himself is explaining in a more understandable language.

 The decision to undertake the task of translation was made for a very simple reason, that it has not been done before.  We are motivated by faith in God and by love of neighbor.   There are sections and specific texts translated by others but not messages in their entirety. On this site you will find ALL the messages in a chronological order in a form of a blog translated directly from the original books printed in Polish.   The process of translating of the messages is ongoing and this site presents them in English as they become available.

It is advisable that the messages are read in a chronological order starting with introductions by Fr. Natanek and not to be read out of context.

May God bless all who read these messages.


January 17, 2010

Jesus, Son of God? I am here, child. Oh Beloved, Sweetest Savior. I miss You enormously, I love You. Only You, I love, all others only through You and in You. My Salvation, Your Kingdom, come! My little Agnes, how much the heart of God rejoices when It is accepted with such love. Beloved of …

January 16, 2010

When we prayed at the place of apparitions in Wykrot, the Mother of God appeared before us, larger than normal and blessed us, one by one putting Her hands on our heads. After returning, I tried to talk to Lord Jesus, but the conversation strangely stretched and seemed like “a struggle” – now I say …